Pilot is the first episode of season one in the show, Badscape

Damo and Marcell arrive at Badscape, and must survive after porting to an uncharted mountain.


The episode opens with an entire medieval-esque city in flames, with all surrounding areas outside of the civilization's walls already embered. Two brothers, Damoclesus and Marcellus, ushering townspeople to a portal hidden in the rubble of a collapsed basement. The two defend civilians as armed calvary approach from the blocks ahead. The two follow the last of the survivors into the basement and escape, holding onto each other to avoid separation from the randomized portal coordinate system.

Marcellus is awoken by the urgent shaking of his brother, who drags him to cover under a fallen log, arrows flying past them. Damoclesus devises an escape down the steep slope of the current plateau the fields they were in, and the two dash for the cliff line. Risking death to escape their hunters, they slide down the end of the cliffside and into the thick forest below.

After recovering from the fall and regrouping a few miles ahead, they take inventory of the supplies they managed to escape with. Marcellus begins prioritizing their next moves, suggesting they find enough food to last a long journey to find any survivors from their old home. 

A few days past and they both begin getting delirious from lack of food, not finding any wildlife or edible plants. Damoclesus continues to be haunted by dreams of their city burning, which adds onto his unstability with insomnia. Their growing restless draws them to duel with their worn swords, damaged from the porting. 

Due to their extended battling and loudness, their attackers finds them and surrounds the duo. Laying down their weapons, Damoclesus and Marcellus are tied up and bagged, their bodies being tossed on horseback and taken off down the mountain.


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Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Unidentified archer
  • Unidentified swordsman
  • Unidentified rider

Notable event(s)Edit

  • Salegonia is destroyed by the Kinivians.
  • Damoclesus and Marcellus escape to an unknown territory.
  • Damoclesus and Marcellus are captured.