Polarity is the second episode of the first season of the show, Roommates.

Kylie throws a party. Andrew and Logan devise a plan to get the girls evicted.


Logan is awoken by the sounds of door-slamming and loud, blasting music. He exits his room to find the girls and multiple strangers in the living room and kitchen. Kylie, noticing him, asks him to join the fun, but Logan promptly declines. He notices Brendon partaking in the rave, and heads to Andrew's room to discuss the issue.

The two complain of his brother and the girls' childish antics, and seeing more of these situations in the future. Wishing to end the problem once and for all, Andrew proposes the two prepare a plan to get their roommates evicted.

While the two were brainstorming, Brendon is enjoying the festivities and ushers some of the partygoers outside. Andrew sees this opportunity, and makes his way to their neighbor's house. He and Logan introduce themselves and claim they are lost, and wish to call for a ride with their phone. The neighbor, Timothy, agrees to let them use his phone.

Logan begins dialing the authorities, citing that an unruly rave is preventing him from sleeping and that this was a reoccuring issue. The cops are then sent to the house. Andrew orders Logan to stay at Timothy's house while he goes to sabotage more of the party.

Once back at the house, Andrew begins hiding food and dumping beer and drinks into the sink. He unknowingly leaks fluid onto the floor, and it begins dripping towards the nearby sockets. 

The cops arrive at the house and begin ordering people to leave. One cop questions Timothy, saying that this is the first incident within the neighborhood of a disturbing party. Timothy tells the officer than he did not call for any police, and before he could react, Logan sprints out of the house and down the street, with the cop's partner in pursuit.

Andrew attempts to dry the fluids on the floor that he spilt after noticing his wet socks. He attempts to dry off the electric sockets, and is electricuted. The house loses power, and the two remaining police enter the building. They find Andrew on the floor, hair shocked and burnt, with his entire body twitching.

Primary CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Timothy Dimes

Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Officer Keaton
  • Officer Wheaton
  • Officer Floyd
  • Officer Leonerd

Notable event(s)Edit

  • Logan is arrested.
  • Andrew is electrocuted.