Pushing Buttons is the first record by the band, Upilogue, and the group's only studio album under a label. The album was announced following the ending of the Unnamed4Ever tour, and shortly after the announcment of the band's creation. Pushing Buttons reached #1 on the Top 100 charts, and won the 2019 Emmy for Album of the Year.

Rival group Malcontents would later release their own album to combat Pushing Buttons, thus beginning the long battle between the bands.


Tookay Bite, who previously worked on Unnamed's Afterparty in Cuba and Archangel, is the executive producer on the record. James Grey makes his producing debut on the album, and is also featued as a regular member in the band.

The album is entirely hip-hop, with the group innovating rhythms and styles from jazz and rock and roll to back behind their verses. Amelia Watkin is credited entirely to the writing of the albums chorus, with Kyle Crane putting together the other verses.

Guest artists Future and Quavo provide vocals on two of the tracks.


No. Title Length
1. Raise the Flags 2:49
2. Fantasize 3:10
3. Ex 4:11
4. 2010 (feat: Quavo) 4:00
5. We're What You Need 2:55
6. Tracking 3:32
7. Skyline 3:52
8. Eighth Man 2:58
9. Return to Sender (feat: Future) 4:06
10. She's Lost 3:21
11. Memora 3:00


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